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The Hidden Riches 💰 of a Spiritual Life


Imagine two lives.

One filled with all the material possessions you could dream of:

  • A mansion

  • A sleek car

  • Designer clothes

And another stripped of all these things, focused instead on spiritual growth.

Which one would bring more joy and fulfillment?

Many assume the answer is obvious: of course material wealth equals happiness.

But here’s the paradoxical truth: embracing spirituality, while it requires loosening our grip on material things, actually leads to a far richer, more joyful existence than the pursuit of possessions ever could.

This is what the following Sufi Comic is about:

Art by Charbak Dipta

This captures the heart of what I've learned: spirituality is not about deprivation, but about accessing a source of joy that is infinite and unshakable.

Why is this?

As humans, we all have core needs—to feel loved, valued, and safe. We chase after material things, relationships, and achievements, believing they'll fulfill these needs.

But they're all temporary solutions, providing a fleeting sense of satisfaction that quickly fades, leaving us wanting more.

That's because our true needs are infinite in nature.

Only something infinite and eternal can truly fulfill them. This is what the spiritual path offers—a connection to the infinite source of love, value, and security that resides with the Divine. It's a wellspring of joy that never runs dry.

As we grow spiritually, our perspective on material things naturally shifts.

We begin to see possessions not as ends in themselves, but as means to an end.

  • A car becomes a tool for mobility and service, not a status symbol.

  • A house transforms from a showcase of wealth to a sacred space for personal growth and connection.

  • Our relationships shift from being about what we can get to what we can give.

In this way, spirituality doesn't deprive us of material things, but rather infuses them with deeper meaning and purpose.

It invites us to reexamine our relationship with material things, recognizing that true fulfilment comes from our connection with the Divine.

This shift looks different for everyone.

Some may feel called to radical simplicity, while others find a sense of balance, enjoying material comforts without being controlled by them.

“This worldly life is no more than play and amusement, but far better is the ˹eternal˺ Home of the Hereafter for those who are God-conscious. Will you not then understand?” Quran (6:32)

The key is that spirituality frees us from the endless cycle of desire and dissatisfaction that comes with seeking happiness in external things. We're no longer slaves to our possessions, but instead connected to the true source of joy.

So if you're feeling called to explore spirituality, know that you're not turning away from wealth, but discovering its deepest, most lasting form.

You're embarking on a journey to uncover the greatest treasure of all—the meaning, purpose, and unshakable peace that comes with connecting to the Sacred.

In the end, this is the most valuable wealth we can ever hope to attain.

What are some advice you have for someone beginning to deepen their spiritual connection?

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Warm regards,
Mohammed Ali

📢 Announcement & Updates:

It was great to have met some of you at Comic Con Mumbai over the weekend! Here are some pictures to share:

We also got to launch our latest book, 40 Sufi Comics Vol. 3! The book will be officially available for sale in a few months. Stay tuned for more updates!